Steve Ryfle

Steve Ryfle is a film journalist whose work has appeared in CINEASTE, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES, POV, SHOCK CINEMA, and many other publications. He is co-author, with Ed Godziszewski, of ISHIRO HONDA: A LIFE IN FILM, FROM GODZILLA TO KUROSAWA (Wesleyan Univ. Press), and author of JAPAN’S FAVORITE MON-STAR (ECW). He has contributed audio commentaries to numerous kaiju films on home video, and co-produced the documentary feature BRINGING GODZILLA DOWN TO SIZE (Classic Media/Toho, 2008). His forthcoming book is GODZILLA VS. THE WORLD: A POLITICAL HISTORY OF JAPAN’S DISASTER MONSTER (Univ. of Texas Press).

Erik Homenick

Erik Homenick is a doctoral candidate in Literature at the University of California, San Diego. He is also the webmaster of AKIRAIFUKUBE.ORG, the official English language website about the famous daikaiju eiga composer Akira Ifukube. On the website, Erik is writing the first ever authorized, full-length, and comprehensive biography of the composer in a language other than Japanese. Erik’s doctoral dissertation will examine the narrative and semiotic potential of Ifukube’s film music, especially in the Godzilla series. Erik will also be a contributing writer to Steve Ryfle’s forthcoming book GODZILLA VS. THE WORLD: A POLITICAL HISTORY OF JAPAN’S DISASTER MONSTER (Univ. of Texas Press)

Ed Godziszewski

Ed Godziszewski is the editor and publisher of JAPANESE GIANTS magazine and author of THE ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GODZILLA. He is co-author, together with Steve Ryfle, of ISHIRO HONDA: A LIFE IN FILM, FROM GODZILLA TO KUROSAWA (Wesleyan Univ. Press). Together with Steve Ryfle, he has contributed to several audio commentaries for Japanese science fiction and monster films, and co-produced the documentary film BRINGING GODZILLA DOWN TO SIZE.

Patrick Galvan

Patrick Galvan is a film journalist whose articles on Asian cinema have appeared on websites such as SYFY.COM, TOHOKINGDOM.COM, OURCULTUREMAG.COM, and OFFSCREEN.COM. His writing includes retrospectives on kaiju films and examinations of the careers of individual artists who’ve contributed to the genre. He is the author of the biography RUAN LINGYU: HER LIFE AND CAREER (Cinemodyssey Press) and has also contributed guest essays to Issues #4 and 6 of THE LOST FILMS FANZINE as well as the book SF: THE JAPANESE SCIENCE FICTION FILM ENCYCLOPEDIA (Orochi Books).

John DeSentis

John DeSentis is a film composer, music producer, musician, and sound designer. His recent works include UNREST (2020), the multi-award winning short THE CONDUIT (2018), feature film EPIDEMIC (2018), and short IMTK (2018) starring Tony Todd. In addition, he has conducted the works of Japanese composers Akira Ifukube, Masaru Sato, and Kow Otani on stage, working with the latter directly on the performance SYMPHONIC FURY! THE MUSIC OF JAPANESE MONSTERS. For this concert, John also arranged an orchestral performance of Akira Ifukube’s World War II composition, KISHI MAI, from his handwritten manuscript for military wind band. Most recently, he worked with famed composer Michiru Oshima on the live performance, KAIJU CRESCENDO: AN EVENING OF JAPANESE MONSTER MUSIC, the highlight of which featured her conducting her Godzilla score music live. A CD recording is forthcoming.

Matt Parmley

Matt Parmley is co-host of KAIJU TRANSMISSIONS, a podcast exploring giant monsters and Japanese fantasy film. He has conducted a number of original interviews, including with director Kiyotaka Taguchi, action-star Sonny Chiba, and Godzilla suit-actor Tom Kitagawa. Matt has also presented several panels at G-FEST and has appeared on the podcasts MOVIE GRAVEYARD and MONSTERS VS. MEN.

Kyle Byrd

Kyle Byrd is co-host of the podcast KAIJU TRANSMISSIONS and former co-host of the podcast IF IT BLEEDS, WE CAN KILL IT. In the past, he has made appearances talking about science fiction and horror films on numerous other podcasts. He graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in electronic media and film studies and has written pieces for SCIFIJAPAN.COM, THE LOST FILMS FANZINE and the recent book, KONG UNMADE: THE LOST FILMS OF SKULL ISLAND.

Kyle Gilmore

Kyle Gilmore is a filmmaker/artist living in West Monroe, Louisiana. After establishing himself in advertising and commercial production, Kyle joined a global missions organization as a documentary filmmaker, and subsequently co-founded VINTAGE REEL PRODUCTIONS with his wife, Brandi A. Gilmore. He co-produced and directed the children’s science program DINOSAURIA (Meridian Releasing Group, 2017), and the short post-apocalyptic action thriller WHITE KNIFE (Vintage Reel Productions/Plugged-In Creative, 2018). During the Covid-19 pandemic, he wrote, directed, and acted in the short supernatural thriller UNREST (Vintage Reel Productions, 2020). Currently he is writing and illustrating the young adult gothic horror comic series THE HORROR CHRONICLES (Vintage Reel Productions, 2020).

Matt Burkett

Matt Burkett is a video editor located in Phoenix, Arizona. He currently heads the YouTube channel MONSTROSITIES: A VLOG OF TOKUSATSU, which features editorials, reviews and live streams centered around tokusatsu and kaiju films.

Mariko Godziszewski

Mariko Godziszewski was born and raised in Japan, coming to live in the US during her high school days. In addition to providing translation for the inaugural year of Kaiju Masterclass, she has also worked on projects such as the biography ISHIRO HONDA: A LIFE IN FILM, FROM GODZILLA TO KUROSAWA, the documentary film BRINGING GODZILLA DOWN TO SIZE, several articles in JAPANESE GIANTS, and numerous DVD commentaries. Mariko is available to provide Japanese-English translation services or hire for articles, manga, etc.

Amanda Whalen

Amanda Whalen is a Japanese to English translator living in Central New Jersey. She has a B.A. in Japanese from Washington University in St. Louis and currently works for a Japanese news company. Previously, she lived in Osaka, Japan, where she worked as a translation project manager and in-house translator specializing in industrial machinery. She passed the JLPT N1 in 2017 and is certified by the Japan Translation Federation. Her favorite Godzilla film is 2016’s SHIN GODZILLA (don’t @ me), and she is happily planning a Godzilla-themed wedding with Kevin Derendorf, author of KAIJU FOR HIPSTERS and frequent guest on KAIJU TRANSMISSIONS.